Thursday, 9 March 2017

Step one- into the beginning.

To anyone in need of a helping hand; current or otherwise.

My intentions here are humble and honest.
 Here I would like to combine my two worlds, Mental health and makeup. As a person who works in mental health and addictions and personally struggles with general anxiety I was hard pressed to find a form of self care that I actually enjoyed and not felt like doing it was a chore. I am not a runner, nor do I do yoga on the regular.
Make up fits all.
 Makeup doesn't care what size you are, or how you are feeling that day. Makeup acts as a form of expression for many of us.

 For myself, lipstick has always been a point of confidence. A power supply if you will.
   Welcome to Anxiety&Lipstick <3  Here we discuss makeup and mental health.

Turns out that makeup and nail art are my two passions in life, besides my job. I wanted to have a constructive outlet to put my thoughts down and to have a platform to reach out.

Okay so enough of that. I figure you might want to get to know me a little bit..
I am Natasha, I will not tell you what I do for a living as it is confidential.

I am Canadian First Nations woman (Haida)
I live my life with daily anxiety.
Currently, I am 24 years old and absolutely obsessed with anything Disney, Bowie, raccoons and peaches.

I have combo-oily skin with red undertones - for future reference.

All genders, sizes, skin tones, preferences, ages, ethnicity, marital status, pro-pineapple pizza people welcome =) This is safe space.  

"If lots more of us loved each other, we'd solve lots more problems."
- Anxiety and lipstick <3

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