Thursday, 16 March 2017

The shape shifter (Short & sweet)

Anxiety is tricky beast- this beast happens to be a shape shifter.
It snares it's long fangs and some go running, some freeze, some fight and end up fighting to their demise. The lucky few tame the beast and end up looking the damn demi-gods to the rest of us. 
  What I'm trying to say here is that anxiety is very good at meaning many different things to many people. 

Sometimes we want to be shape shifters. That dream to crawl out of our own skin and to be someone else. So we step out of the comfort of our everyday norm, we put on a fierce new outfit or a great new shade of lipstick, or maybe trying out that new cat eye.
Alright so your feeling good, looking good, empowered that you have TAKEN BACK yourself and oh hell yeah, you are going to OWN this.
And then you're in public. "Oh good God NO, why are they staring at me?" and dozens of other variations of that will eat away at your soul. Look, nothing I say is going to change how you perceive others. That is something you have to sort out on your own, on your own schedule with your own boundaries.
But- I do encourage you to not give a shit. I encourage you to OWN that personal style be whom you are. Be your own Demi-God.

Your own self worth IS NOT determined by others. How others perceive you had nothing to do with how amazing you actually are. I promise you that. No matter what you identify as, you are the most perfect version of yourself.
She's gonna be a long hard road- but it'll be worth it.

"If lots more of us loved each other, We'd solve lots more problems,"
- Anxiety&Lipstick <3 

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